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What is a face serum? detail guide and Recommendation

What is a face serum?

You may already confused about cosmetic products like foundation, toner, hydrator, and moisturizers; but this time faceserum is really something that you need to know if you want naturally glowing healthy skin. 

There are many misconceptions about facial serums, but what is actually a face serum is? 

Basically, serums are the purest form of any cosmetic product without adding other fillers and carriers. 

Serum for Glowing Skin

They are super effective on your skin because of the high percentage of the active ingredients in them. 

For example; if you buy a moisturizer and go through the ingredient list, you’ll find that there is a low percentage of active ingredient (max 5%) and high content of other toxic or non-toxic ingredients that your skin doesn’t need. 

But if we talk about facial serums; they don’t contain unwanted ingredients that your skin doesn’t need at all. 

In short, face serums are lightweight moisturizers with a low percentage of fillers and additives. 

what are the benefits of using a face serum?

“All kinds of skin concerns are accepted here,” says a Face Serum. 

Facial serums are very effective because of their lightweight nature. So what are the benefits of using a face serum? 

  • Facial Serums get absorbed into the skin easily. 
  • They travel to the deeper layer of the skin and provide results in no time. 
  • They are suitable for every skin type. 

Know more: Benefits of a facial serum in detail. 

types of face serum?

You heard about facial serums, you come to know about the benefits of using a face serum, and made your mind to purchase. So what you will do? 

Before hitting the ‘buy now’ button on any serum’s page, you must know which kind of face serum is suitable for your skin type? 

There are many types of face serums according to skin type and concern like-

  • Anti-Acne Face Serum. 
  • Hydrating Face Serum.
  • Antioxidant Face Serum.
  • Anti-Aging Serum.
  • Exfoliating Face Serum.
  • Skin Brightening Serum.

Know more in detail about types of facial serums

how can you find the perfect face serum for you

Best Vitamin C Serum

There’re lots of types of facial serums according to your skin type and problems. 

There are two different facial serums if you have dry skin or oily skin. If you choose any face serum that don’t suits your skin type, it’ll effect your skin adversely. 

You can choose face serum according to your skin types-

  1. for Oily Skin
  2. for Dry Skin
  3. for Sensitive Skin.
  4. for Wrinkle Free Skin
  5. Skin Repairing Serum.
  6. for Skin Brightening

How face serums are different from other skin care products?

If there are already lots of skincare products, then why you need another product like face serum? 

Facial serums have become an essential part of the skincare routine. But why? What makes facial serums different from other skincare products? 

Unlike other skincare products, facial serums work differently; face serums travel deep into the skin and provide the most valuable ingredients to the skin. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Using A Face

Applying Face serum can become a very complicated process.

There are 7 things to keep in mind before and during the process of applying a face serum.

Just keep those in mind and the process of using a face serum will be very smooth and tension free.

#1 Only use 1- 2 drops of face serum in single use

When we see the results coming out of face serum then we get carried on and start using the serum in excess that’s the reason for maximum problems occur due to face serum.

Face Serum for Acne and Blackheads

The optimum quantity of a serum that you should apply in a single-use is one to two drops at max.

To find out the optimum amount of serum specifically according to your skin then you can use the trial and error method.

In this, you can start with as minimum as one drop of serum and analyze the effects of it on your skin.

Then slowly and gradually start increasing the amount of serum and see the difference it makes on your skin.

#2 Apply twice a day

A serum can keep the moisture locked inside the skin for almost 11 to 12 hours after the time of applying.

It means that if you want to make sure that your skin keeps moisturized for the entire time then you should apply the serum twice a day.

Once in the morning before leaving the house and once in the night before going to sleep is the most optimum time period to apply a face serum.

You should use an antioxidant serum in day time and if you’re facing wrinkles and fine line on your face, you should a retinol serum in night.

#3 choose serum according to your skin type

Some serums have a special type of ingredient which is only suitable for the specific skin type.

Like for dry skin, you can look for these ingredients

  • Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Collagen peptides, growth factors, or stem cells.
  • Niacinamide and Ceramide
If you choose a face serum that is not suitable or designed for your skin type then you will not be able to see the results which you desired.

So make sure that the face serum you decided to purchase has the required ingredients for your skin.

For this, you can check out our entire product suggestion articles in which we have categorized the serums according to your skin type so you don’t have to do the hard work.

#4 clean your face properly before applying the serum

Proper cleansing of the face is a must before applying the serum because any sort of impurities could hinder the absorption of serum in the skin.

Slow absorption can cause a delay in the results to appear.

You can use your regular face wash before applying the serum to clean your face properly and after that, a face toner would be the best choice.

#5 keep at least 5 minute gape between serum and moisturizer

Face serum is a kind of product that needs to absorb properly in the skin to work it’s best and a 5-minute break would be best to let it absorb completely.

And the best part is that face serum is one of the best in the process of getting absorbed in the skin, It instantly gets absorbed in the skin as soon as you apply on the skin.

If a face serum is leaving some sort of oily-ness on the skin after applying then it means that it is not doing it’s work properly.

In the normal conditions after applying a face serum, you won’t even feel the serum on your skin, It gets absorbed in the skin at a deeper level.

#6 do not massage your face with serum

While applying the serum you should keep this in mind that the motion of your hands on your face will change the effect of serum.

Do not rub the serum so hard on the face because it will do more harm than good to your skin.

The best way to apply the serum is to just put the face serum on your skin and do the tapping with your palms

Or you can just do an upward motion with a light touch from your neck to cheeks because it will help your skin to get in proper shape.

#7 don't skip toner before serum

A liquid, alcohol-free face toner can increase the absorbing capacity of the skin which will help the serum to get absorbed deeper in the skin.

It is well known that damp skin is 10 times more permeable then a dry skin so if the skin is prone to absorb the serum then it will work out more effectively.

If you are not into the toner or mist stuff then you can easily go for a towel soaked into some lukewarm water and can gently pat on your face.

How to use a face serum

Applying any cosmetic product in the right order is essential for effective results. 

So what should be the right order to apply face serum in your skincare routine? 

Should you use face serum after moisturizer or before? What is the right time to use a facial serum? 

How to use a face serum in the right order? Know the complete guide here.

can i use a face serum under my eyes

If I have to answer in a single line then my answer would be a “Yes” you can use a serum under your eyes.

But as always there are some conditions that you should have to keep in mind before applying the serum under the skin of your eyes.

Things to know before using a face serum around the eyes:

Under eye skin 1

Now for the people who are still reading this further, I am going to discuss the benefits and disadvantages of applying the serum under the eyes.

The skin around the eyes is more sensitive than the entire face skin as well as thinner compared to the skin on your cheeks and forehead.

When you should not use a face serum under the eyes?

There are many reasons to use a serum as an under-eye cream because it has many properties that are similar to a cream.

Reasons why you can use a face serum

  1. You don’t have to purchase two different products only for your face.
  2. Face serum also acts as a moisturizer which will help in keeping your eyes moist for a longer time period. (won’t work in case of retinol face serum).
  3. face serum will have a gentle effect on your under-eye skin but the only condition is that your skin around the eyes has the same type as the rest of your face.

why you should avoid using a face serum under the skin of your eyes

Now as you know that you can use a face serum for your entire face skin including the skin around your eyes.

The most important factor that plays a crucial role in that the skin around your eyes should have the same skin type as the rest of your face.

Which most of the people have.

But in case if you have a combined skin type then you should keep these following points in mind.

  1. If you have drier skin under your eyes from the rest of your face then you should avoid using a retinol face serum for your under-eye skin.
  2. Do not apply too much serum under your eyes.
  3. Retinol serum can cause dry eyes to be prepared for that.

How to use a face serum under eyes?

things to keep in mind

There are some precautions that you have to keep in mind while using a face serum as your under eye cream.

1. Do not apply serum too close to your eyes.

2. Prefer a moisturizing eye cream on the orbital bone only.

3. Avoid using a retinol serum or retin A  around your eyes.

4. Make sure to confirm your skin type is the same all over your face including the skin around your eyes.

5. If you have dry skin around your eyes then always prefer a separate eye cream for your orbital bone area.

final conclusion

Now I can expect from you that you have the proper knowledge and you can decide when to use a face serum around the skin of your eyes and when not to.

If the skin around your eyes is drier, you need a more emollient formula. In that case, a special eye cream may be a valuable addition to your skincare routine. 

Using an eye cream with omega fatty acids can help soothe the delicate skin around your eye area.

In addition to being a well-known superfood, omega fatty acids are also beneficial when applied topically, especially for dry areas as they help enhance skin hydration.


How Facial Serums are made?

How face serums are made banner

Ingredients required to make Green tea face serum:

  • Green tea, 
  • 1/2 cup of olive oil, 
  • avocado oil, 
  • lavender essential oil, 
  • frankincense oil,
  •  jojoba oil.
  • Cheese clothe for filtering the oil.

step by step process of how to make green tea face serum:

Now as you may be wondering how I should mix these ingredients which are mentioned above in the ingredients list.

We are going to discuss the complete step by step method of making a face serum for anti-aging at home.

1. mix olive oil and green tea

olive oil

First of all, you have to mix green tea and olive oil together and leave it for at least 2 hours.

Because of that, the green tea gets properly infused in olive oil.

This will help us in further process and will save us a lot of time.

Not interested in DIY face serums? Try these serums that are under 200 rupees in India. 

2. Squeeze the oil properly

green tea

After 2 to 3 hours you can now use the Cheesecloth to filter out the green tea from the olive oil.

This will lead you to a clean solution of olive oil and green tea with a yellow color.

Make sure that you have squeezed the cheesecloth properly.

3.mix avocado oil


After taking the oil out now you can mix around 1/4 cup of the avocado oil in this mix.

Avocado oil Is one of the best oils that you can apply on your skin.

Due to the high percentage of Vitamin E, it can nourish and moisturize your skin.

The oleic acid also promotes collagen production, which helps grow new skin cells.

4. add lavender oil

lavender flower

Add around 8 drops of lavender oil in the mix.

Try to measure the amount of every ingredient you are adding in the mix with the help of a dropper.

5. add frankincense oil

frankincense tree

Now in this mix add around 10 drops of frankincense oil.

The fun fact is that this oil is not horrific as it may sound to you in fact frankincense oil can soothe and reduce skin inflammation because of the Boswellic acids it has.

6. jojoba oil

Now as the last ingredient add 2 full drops of jojoba oil from the dropper

Jojoba oil is one of the most famous skincare oil and probably you have heard this name many times.

That is because jojoba oil reduces the production of sebum in the skin which helps in controlling oily skin.

This oil has the same properties as the oil our skin produces.

It also helps in acne and makes your skin looks more smooth on glossy.

Why Facial Serums are Costlier?

why face serum is costlier

Face serums can become very costly due to its expensive ingredients and the amount of time it took to do research and development.

In India people tends to go with more value for money products instead of a more natural but costlier product which is a very nice approach while making a purchasing decision.

But in the case of a skincare product, we should explore more to find out the best products according to our skin.

1.Celebrity branding


This is among one of the common reason behind the extra cost of a face serum.

That can be a very major reason for the expansiveness of face serum in the past but nowadays brands are not spending too much on celebrity branding.

In fact, some of the new Indian brands are now preferring even not to include any celebrity in their promotion which leads to a more affordable product to the end consumer.

Know more face serums under 200 Rupees in India. 

2.Time intensive research


Detailed and more deep research is the most important part of a face serum manufacturing process.

Nowadays face serum brand knows that and spending their more and more time and money in this section.research

This can be a definitive factor for the brand to keep their customer happy and safe from any kind of side effect.

here is the complete detailed pdf

3.Expensive ingredients


Ingredients used in a face serum are the most cost affecting factor because of the high cost and trendy ingredients like platinum, caviar, etc.

The overall cost of face serum depends upon the quality and the number of ingredients used.

The higher the quality of ingredients will be the higher price of the face serum will go. 

For example, if we take some of the most known ingredients used in a face serum and check their price then you will be shocked.

Check out insider.com detailed article

1.Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is one of the best and well-known face serum ingredients and if you see the pricing of hyaluronic acid on any wholesale shopping website then you will realize how expensive it is.

hyaluronic acid powder price

Hyaluronic acid is currently available for around Rs. 14000/gram which is insane.


Retinol is also a very commonly used ingredient in a face serum and here are the pricing details on the IndiaMART shopping website.

Screenshot 321

As you can see the retinol (Vitamin A ) is currently available for Rs 8,500/Kg.


4.Premium packaging

Packaging of Face serum can become a significant reason for its popularity as well as it can affect the cost of the final product.
Face serum is very sensitive to external weather conditions such as moisture in the air, light conditions, dryness in the air, and many more.
Isolation of the face serum from these different weather factors is very necessary because they can easily react with the ingredients in the face serum and can change the properties of the face serum.
A Packaging bottle for the face serum should fulfill these criteria to ensure the long life of a face serum.
  1. Airtight
  2. Dark-colored to avoid light
  3. Properly sealed
  4. Made of good quality glass
  5. Good quality pump or dropper on the bottle

Also, read this for more information 


why face serum comes in small quantity?

why face serum in small bottles banner

Face serum is one of the most concentrated forms of vitamin and activated ingredients.

Most people can’t even finish a bottle of serum before it starts getting brownish.

That little brownish color is the indication that your serum is getting bad.

That is the reason why good serum manufacturing companies pack them in a small bottle.

Small bottles lead to the more frequent purchase but that can save your serum from getting wasted.

why the size of the bottle is 30ml in most cases?

There are some reasons why serums come in a small 30 ml bottle, or even smaller packaging up to 10ml in quantity.

 That’s why here I am mentioning the most important reasons for the lesser quantity of serum.

1.more budget-friendly

As you already know that how quickly a good face serum can become costly due to the premium ingredients.

30ml quantity is one of the best possible amounts that fit perfectly in the budget without getting too much expensive.  

Even some good serum companies ships a 10ml packaging also due to avoid wastage of serum as well as to make it more pocket friendly.

Know more about the best face serums under 2oo Rupees in India. 

2.More room to choose

Due to the smaller quantity of serum, you don’t have to stick with one serum for a longer amount of time.

That gives you the option to try out different options available in the market.

3.More eco-friendly 

Less quantity of the serum helps in reducing the wastage of serum.

This leads to more environmental harm due to more use of chemicals and more energy consumption in manufacturing plants.

Bigger bottle of serum tends to catch erosion and the serum gets the light brownish color which makes it unusable.

Smaller quantity helps in finishing the serum before it gets worse and of no use.

related: 7 things to keep in mind


The serum is one of the most sensitive skincare products which needs to be handled with good precautions.

As we all know that no one can follow proper guidelines to keep the serum away from getting worse after a long time period.

That why a smaller quantity is preferred so it can be finished without wasting a single drop.

Now I hope you understand why lesser amount is better.


How Face Serums Work?


Face serum is a concentrated form of a vitamin or a specific active ingredient that our skin needs the most but it can’t get it from other skincare products.

Face serum can give some extremely amazing results If applied in the right format.

Face serum for oily skin vs face cream

evolution of face serum

Face serum is one of the most underrated skin care products in the Indian market.

There are still a lot of misunderstandings around the face serum in Indian people which needs to be cleared out as soon as possible.

Face serum is one of the best selling skincare products in the foreign market because of its amazing benefits.


Face serum is on the 3rd place in skincare best seller products for the face as you can see and it has the most amount of review as of now.

and on the other hand in India face serum doesn’t come in the top 10 not even in the top 20.

The first face serum appears on the 38 positions in bestsellers for face products.

Shocking right? 

Indian people think that face serum will not provide any different results than face creams or a face wash and that is due to the lesser information they have.

Many people don’t know the true benefits of using a face serum.

If you are one of them then consider reading this complete article centered around the benefits of a face serum.

Benefits of using a face serum

how it works?

The working process of a Face serum depends upon the type of serum but majorly it is the same.

“You have to look at the ingredients to make sure that not only do they address your skin concerns but also that the product includes ingredients that make skin healthy,” according to Howard Murad, M.D., a board-certified dermatologist and founder of Murad, Inc.

Firstly when you apply it to the skin it gets instantly absorbed in the skin.

collagen for wrinkles and fine lines

After that, due to the formula, it starts absorbing deep into the layers of skin.

Face serum is a very lite moisturizer also and because of that many skin experts suggest a heavier moisturizer after the serum.

Serum locks the skin moisture and keeps your skin more moisturized for a long period of time.

why it is preferred?

face serum and benefits

The main reason for preferring a face serum over any other skincare product like face wash, face cream, toner, etc is the fast and quick absorption of the serum into the skin.

When you apply the serum it won’t even feel on the skin just after a few seconds.

Skin looks more bright and fresh for a long time and you don’t have to moisturize your skin more frequently.

who should not use face serum?

1.Very sensitive skin

If you have very sensitive skin that reacts to any chemical very quickly and show some really bad reactions then you should definitely avoid using a face serum.

Or you can talk to a certified dermatologist and can make suggestions based on your skin condition.

2.Out of budget

Face serums are on the costlier side and sometimes many people don’t spend that much on a skincare product.

If you are searching for a face serum on a very low budget or you are on a very tight budget then make your choice wisely.

Know more about the best face serum under 200 Rupees in India. 



Face serum is one of the best skin care product and it works magically on the skin.

Many times it comes up as a lifesaver for many people and in our testing, we also found out that face serum is one of the best values for money product.


Myths around using a facial serum?

myths around face serum

Face serum is the most underrated face product in the Indian skin care market and the main reason for that can be the many misconceptions revolving around the face serum.

Face serum can be a life-changing skin product for many people if they apply it in a correct manner.

Here I am listing the top 5 myths which revolve around in the brain of a person who is confused before buying a face serum.

Especially in India people takes to much stress before making a final decision to add a new type of skincare product in their daily routine.

I hope that your doubt or myths around face serum revolving in your mind will be covered below.

myth #1 face serum are very costly

This is the most common myth which keeps the benefits of a face serum away from a person who needs them the most.

In my opinion, if you consider the number of benefits you will receive from the same quantity of the face serum then any other product, 

you will be amazed by seeing that how much value for money a face serum can be compared to a face moisturizer or cream.

Price is not as big a factor in determining whether a particular serum is good for you.

What really matters is the ingredients. Choose a serum that has natural and active ingredients.

Still, thinking that face serums are costly? Try these face serums that are under 200 rupees in India. 


myth #2 face serum is only for older people

It is true that face serum will show more amazing results for older people because they have more skin issues then a younger person.

In my opinion, it is never too early to start caring for your skin.

Yes, serums have ingredients that can reverse the signs of skin aging and damage, but it can also act as a great preventive measure. 

Face serum will not only cure the skin aging and skin damage but if you start using it at a younger age then it can delay the aging effects.

myth #3 serum can damage your skin

That is kinda true if you use serum without proper knowledge of your skin type and the perfect amount for your skin.

Keep in mind that if you know your skin type and you choose the serum which is made for that particular skin then it will not damage your skin in any way. 

Firstly, there are different serums for each skin type; so, depending on whether your skin is dry and sensitive or oily, you can choose a serum that’s meant for you.

In case you don’t know how much amount of serum in single-use is best for you then you can start with one drop at a time and increase it according to how your skin reacts to it.

This way you will find a face serum that’s not too strong, but just perfect for you.

Here is the best face serum according to your skin type

myth #4 Serum don't moisturize

Again, this depends on three things – your skin type, the weather conditions, and the serum you choose.

If it’s hot or your skin is naturally oily, it may not be necessary to use a moisturizer after you use a serum. 

But yes, if it’s cold or your skin is naturally dry, then topping your skin with a layer of moisturizer is a good idea to seal in the ingredients.

myth #5 using a serum is very tricky

This myth can be real for many people who don’t know the complete process of using a face serum.

But as the old man says “How much you learn, pays you back”.

If you learn the complete process of using a serum once then it will be a lifetime achievement for you.

(If you don’t know the proper way of applying a face serum than you can read the detailed article here.)
How to apply a face serum

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