Skin dehydration explained

Skin Dehydration: Causes & Easy Preventions

Skin dehydration explained

Many of you may be wondering what the hack is dehydrated skin and how it is different than dry skin?

So take a chill pill and read the complete article for the information related to the dehydration of the skin and how can you avoid it.

what are the differences between dry skin and dehydrated skin?

Dry skin is a skin type that can be a natural phenomenon and on the other side dehydration is a skin condition which anyone can face.

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It is not necessary to have dry skin to experience dehydration of skin even an oily or sensitive skin type person can also feel skin dehydration.

It is quite difficult to differentiate between dry skin and dehydrated skin at first a glance but if you notice some points then you can easily say which one is dry skin and which one is skin dehydration.

table of difference between dry and dehydrated skin

common signs of dehydrated skin

As you have already known the difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin so now I will explain to you how you can make sure that your skin is getting dehydrated by the condition of your skin.

  1. Skin will look dull
  2. Tight skin
  3. Rough on touch
  4. Extra sensitiveness
  5. More visible fine lines
  6. Skin sagging
  7. Deep and more visible wrinkles


What causes dehydrated skin?

There are many factors that can cause skin dehydration so make sure you consider all of them if you want to solve your skin dehydration issue.

1.Extra sun exposure

When it comes to weather UVA in sunlight is the one to watch.

The sun can make the skin dehydrated.

Extra exposure to direct sunlight can increase the skin aging process and makes it much faster.
The number of oxidants in the skin increases which causes the free skin radicals to increase.
2.Use of hard water on the skin
If you belong to an area that has a hard water supply then you can also face skin dehydration problems.
hard water contains limestone, and limestone has a property to remove water from the skin which leads to dehydrated skin.
To avoid this you can cut down the number of showers you take in a day and can only have it once a day.
Make sure to use warm water instead of hot water.
3.Wrong skincare routine
If you are not using a skincare product in the right manner then you can also face skin dehydration.
If the products you are using are too harsh for your skin or too light and also if they are not according to your skin type then they can also contribute to making your skin more dehydrated.
Using a product too frequently can also cause skin dehydration so make sure to remember that.
4.Drinking very less water
Water keeps the skin moisturized from the inside and if you don’t drink sufficient water then your will lake its water content that will cause skin dehydration.
To avoid this you should drink at least 8 glass (2-4 liters)of water in a single day.
Keep in mind it a general quantity and can vary according to your body conditions.
5.Low air moisture
The amount of moisture available in the air can also make your skin dehydrated.
If the air is very dry around your face then it will absorb the moisture of your skin and will make it dry.
To avoid this you can use an air humidifier that will keep the surrounding air well moisturized.

Things To Keep In Mind to avoid skin dehydration

You can keep these following points in mind to avoid skin dehydration

  • 1. Use a UV protection cream while going in direct sunlight
  • 2. Avoid the use of hard water as much as possible.
  • 3. Use only warm water instead of hot water for shower.
  • 4. Use a Humidifier if you live in a dry place.
  • 5. Don’t overuse an air conditioner.
  • 6. Drink plenty of water.
  • 7. Use a face serum that contains Hyaluronic Acid. You can choose facial serums for dry skin here.

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