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Top Green Tea Serums with Benefits in India

As a generation, we are very concerned about how we look, what we wear, and how we behave. Skin is one of the top priorities of every being. We keep trying different remedies and products just to get the perfect flawless skin. 

Face serums are a product that can do wonders and leave the skin soft, and smooth and also crack the code to anti-aging.

Face serums are not advertised on the screen but have gained popularity with time. Somehow face serums are the best-kept secrets! Serums are the purest form of any cosmetics. They are a mild moisturizing lotion providing nourishment and moisture. 

Serum for Glowing Skin

Many people just like you wondered why can’t they use moisturizers and face cream instead of serum.

Research from 2011 suggests that moisturizer and serum both work differently and layer accordingly. Serums are lighter and remit active ingredients to the skin quickly.

But to maximize serum’s benefit you need to seal it with moisturizer or face cream.

There are various serums out there, but have you heard of the GREEN TEA SERUMS??

When we are conscious of our appearance, health, or beauty, green tea has played a significant role from being the healthiest beverage to being a superstar skincare ingredient. 

Green tea has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties to fight acne, and repair cells from sun damage. So Green tea serum is the ingredient for acne to anti-aging.

So in this guide, I’m going to cover all about green tea serums like;

  • Benefits of Green Tea Serums
  • How does Green Tea Face Serum work as a Skincare Product?
  • Top Green Tea Serums in the Indian market

Green Tea Serums: Benefits, Using Guide & Top Serums in India

Let’s start with the benefits of green tea serums.

Benefits of Green Tea Serums

Many scientific studies have highlighted how beneficial green tea is on different skin. The antioxidant molecule polyphenols in green tea fight against the bacteria, and damaging effects of UV rays, and have antimicrobial properties.

1. Treats Acne and controls oil:

Increased stress levels are notorious for causing flare-ups. The polyphenols fight against the bacterial membrane, which helps to control acne and reduces sebum production. It is suitable for people suffering from acne and oily complexions. 

Green tea serums have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which makes them effective for acne treatment. 

Best Vitamin C Serum

The major polyphenol present in green tea is epigallocatechin-3-gallate EGCG. EGCG is known to reduce sebum production and reduce inflammation caused by acne bacteria

Bonus point: Green tea also reduces blackheads and whiteheads 

3. Clears clogged pores

Clogged pores are the result of build-up dirt, oil, and dead skin cells getting trapped in your skin pores. Some research has suggested that the application of green tea products can reduce the amount of oil the skin produces.

Green tea removes the bacteria that can clog pores and minimizes the swelling of existing pimples through its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties without any side effects.

3. Hydrates the skin

Green tea contains vitamin E, it not only moisturizes your skin but also brightens and repairs sun damage, dark spots, pimples and other environmental aggressors. 

4. Minimizes signs of aging

None of us wants to age with fine lines and wrinkles. According to dermatologists, green tea reduces signs of aging. The antioxidant present in green tea prevents oxidative damage, which leads to premature signs of aging.

It reduces hyperpigmentation, rough texture and fine lines. Also, studies suggest that green tea boosts collagen in the skin, promoting anti-wrinkle effects. Isn’t green tea cool?

5. Promotes clear complexion and brightens the skin

If you tussle with excess oil or breakouts, green tea serum should be part of your skincare regime. Green tea is the duo of hydration and glow.

The antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory property fights against the damage caused by pollution and UV rays giving a bright and clear skin. It also reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dandruff

Top Green Tea Serums in Indian Market You Should Give A Try

1. mCaffeine Vitamin C Green Tea Face Serum

About mCaffeine – 

Face Serum for Acne and Blackheads

mCaffeine is a personal care brand founded in 2015.

As the name suggests, mCaffeine products have caffeine in them. Caffeine is a source of antioxidant it soothes inflammation, brighten ups the skin, and de-puffs under eye bags. 

Active Ingredients – 

Green tea, Vitamin C, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid

About the product – 

mCaffeine promises the Vitamin C Green Tea Face Serum locks hydration for 72 hours, improving the quality of the skin. 

It is a great serum for oily skin as it’s super hydrating, rich in antioxidants, and also provides protection from sun damage. 

It also has a calming aroma of Green Tea leaves.

The product is loaded with green tea that makes in anti-inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, reducing dark spots and pigmentation 

Complementing green tea, Vitamin C provides sun damage protection and soothes skin irritation. 


The active ingredients in the serum are known to do wonders on your skin.

Also, it is a 100% vegan, cruelty-free brand with zero plastic footprint.

​​2. Innisfree Green tea Serum

About Innisfree – 

Innisfree is a South Korean brand founded in 2000. 

Innisfree is an Eco-Conscious Beauty Brand. Their products are connected closely to nature and are vegan and coral-reef friendly. 

Active Ingredients –

Jeju green tea extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Camellie Sinesis Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Panthenol, Sucrose

About the product – 

Innisfree Green tea Serum provides great hydration and moisture to the skin. The product provides healthy-looking and dewy skin. According to Innisfree, the product is made with Dual Moisture Rising Technology wherein a perfect blend of Jeju green tea extract and green tea seed oil helps to maintain the skin’s own moisture and retains it for longer.

Please note* For better hydration and moisture the Innisfree Green tea Serum should be the first step of your skincare routine after cleansing. 

Pros –

It gives the skin a healthy look and glows in just a few use. Innisfree Green Tea serum is a lightweight hydrating serum with a mild fragrance.

​​3. Plum Green Tea Skin Clarifying Concentrate (Serum)

About Plum Goodness – 

Founded in 2013, Plum Goodness is an Indian brand that combines science and sustainability. 

Plum Goodness is paraben-free, SLS-free product with rich natural ingredients. It is also 100% vegan. 

The brand has a set of values – 

  1. Customer Delight
  2. Respect
  3. Transparency 
  4. Sustainability 

Active Ingredients – 

Green Tea, Cinnamon Bark, Licorice, Alpha Hydroxy

About the product –

The PLUM Green Tea Skin Clarifying Concentrate is an absolute formulation for clear and bright skin. Its key ingredients have their own ways to fight the microbe and rejuvenate the skin by controlling excess oil. 

Its green tea extracts fight against the germs that cause acne and acne marks

Boost with willow bark that works on drying out acne and focuses on clearing the skin

Licorice extracts help in correcting pigmented areas and dark spots

Pros –

It is a water-based serum. Where every other serum’s main purpose is to moisturize the skin, this product makes sure to balance the excess oil and decrease the intensity of blemishes. 

4. WOW Skin Science Green Tea Face Serum

About WOW – 

Established in 2016, WOW Skin Science like every other new generation skin concerned company, is also completely free from harmful sulphates and silicones. It produces products that are safe and nature-inspired. 

Active Ingredients – 

Green Tea, Aloevera Extract, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid 

About the product –

WOW Skin Science Green Tea Face Serum is infused with the goodness of green tea and aloevera. The green tea extract in serum is rich in vitamin B12 and antioxidants. It moisturizes and restores the skin’s natural pH balance. It also has anti-aging properties, and helps to tone and firm the skin. 

Aloevera extract helps in retaining skin moisture and richly hydrates the skin. 

It is a great serum for dry skin. Vitamin E is a potent antioxidant fighting free radicals, enhancing skin’s elasticity and maintaining its moisture.

Pros – 

The serum manages specific skin issues. WOW Skin Science Green Tea Face Serum is a great product for mature skin.


Understanding your skin type and putting your hands on the right product is kinda tricky but not impossible. Green tea has and always will be a great supplement for your throat, belly and skin. If you have grown out of your teenage, you should start using face serums. Face serums should be incorporated into our daily routine for better nourishments, brightness and forever glowing skin.

This was my saying on green tea and serums that incorporate it. What do you think about these products, let me know in the comment box.


Is green tea serum good for the skin?

It is absolutely great for the skin! Its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antibacterial properties retain skin moisture and glow and protect from environmental damage.

Is green tea serum good for dry skin?

Yes, as one of the key features of green tea serums hydrates the skin and maintain skin moisture

Is mCaffeine green tea serum good for the face?

mCaffeine green tea serum is great for oily skin, rich in antioxidants, and also provides sun damage protection. Its key ingredients are green tea, vitamin C, and caffeine which is an essential nutrients for improving the quality of the skin. 

Is green tea serum good for oily skin?

It depends on which green tea serum you have chosen. Most green tea serums provide hydration. Excess moisture on oily skin will only irritate the skin causing blemishes and open pores. ​​Plum Green Tea Skin Clarifying Concentrate (Serum) is a good serum for oily skin.

Is green tea serum good for sensitive skin?

Green tea serums are suitable for all skin types.

Does green tea make skin glow?

100%. Green tea is a duo of hydration and glow. It fights against pollution and UV rays giving bright and clear skin.

Can I use Innisfree serum every day?

Yes, it is a lightweight hydrating serum with a mild fragrance.

Can I use green tea serum with Retinol?

It is better if you don’t use them together as it can upregulate collagen

Can I use green tea serum during the day?

Definitely yes, you can use it in the morning as well as at night.

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